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Terms and Conditions for the UK as of December 2007
 1. These conditions apply and supersede any previous conditions whether a contract has been made in writing or verbal.

2.V&B accepts no liability for delays however caused or the loss however caused of the clients personal property.

3.All bookings must be made with confirmation through the central booking office.

4.To enable V&B to tend to specific requirements as efficiently as possible, V&B requires at least 48 hours notice of any specific requirement.

5. The client/s will be held responsible for any damage the client/s or passenger/s carried on behalf of the client/s cause to our vehicles, including sickness related to alcohol consumption when a minimum charge of £100.00 will be made.  Also, a £5 fee will be chargeable for each and any breakage to the drinking glasses provided.

6. All client/s are recommended to obtain insurance for those items (where save for negligence),V&B liability is limited,(such as the delay or loss of luggage or effects).

7.Unless otherwise instructed by the passenger and confirmed by the control supervisor, routes travelled will be at the chauffeurs discretion, in accordance with road traffic and weather conditions, whether the route is the shortest or not. No allowance will be made to the hirer on the grounds that the route adopted is not actually the shortest. Neither V&B nor its agents or employees will be responsible for any delay however caused.

8.Every endeavour is made to provide the colour and the type of vehicle that is requested, but no liability will be accepted if this is not possible and an alternative vehicle of similar specifications will be supplied in this event. V&B reserves the right to supply a larger specification vehicle, including those of other operators, than the one requested. No additional charges will be levied provided that the extra seating, facilities or capacities are the same or exceeding the original request.

9.When a vehicle is hired for two days or longer periods, whilst every endeavour will be made for the hire to retain the same vehicle and/or chauffeur during such period, V&B reserves the right to substitute any other vehicle or chauffeur according to the exigencies of the service.

10.When V&B hires in vehicles from other operators at the request of the client or for operational reasons and where V&B arranges any ancillary facilities, such as meals, accommodation, ferries, admission tickets or any other service provided by any other contractor, it does so as an agent for and on behalf of the client/s. Any terms and conditions imposed by such operator through V&B shall be binding on the client/s as if the client/s had directly contracted such service.

11.Luggage and personal effects are carried on or in our vehicles at the owners risk. Gangways, doorways and emergency exits must not be obstructed. It is the client/s responsibility to ensure that the correct numbers of cases/pieces are loaded/unloaded and the figure should be agreed with the chauffeur. V&B does not guarantee to carry all luggage or effects by a single party on any one journey. The chauffeur is the arbiter as to the carriage of passengers, luggage and its storage.

12.Every endeavour has been made for the faultless running of the vehicle, but no responsibility can be accepted, by V&B or its agents, for any breakdown whatsoever or any additional expenses or loss incurred by the client/s thereafter. All vehicles are cleaned prior to departure, but no liability can be accepted for clothing etc, being marked, stained or dirtied by road dirt, oil or grease from any part of the vehicles.

13.Cancellation charges:(except when paragraph 10 applies and is greater)

14. Up to 14 days prior of the commencement of the service 20% 7 days prior of the commencement of the service 30%4 days prior of the commencement of the service 50% 3 days  prior of the commencement of the service 100%

15. Advance booking of the vehicle is advisable, however confirmations can only be given when full and final details are supplied. When reservations made are subsequently changed to a lesser hire within 24 hours prior to commencement of the service an additional charge will be made of 30% of the original confirmed service (except when paragraph 10 applies and is greater).

16.A surcharge of 100% will be made for services provided on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve , Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

17.When it is necessary for our chauffeur to spend the night away a fixed charge of £90.00 (inc. taxes) will apply. Also for each period of 8 hours a chauffeur meal allowance of £9.50 (inc. Taxes) will be charged.

18.Unless an earlier start time is specified, all day hire commences at 09.00 AM hours.

19.All charges based on time are charged in one-hour increments. All charges based on mileage are charged to the last mile or part thereof. Any additional charges incurred by the client i.e.waiting time, additional journies, tolls, ferry fees, car parking, etc., may be charged to the client’s Credit/Debit card used at the time of the original booking, unless settled with the chauffeur at the time of hire.

20. Individual amendments to these terms and conditions must be approved and underwritten by the proprietors of V&B. Addition or changes of any paragraph does not effect the terms and condition as a whole.

21.Without prior notice, V&B reserves the right to amend, change, delete or add to these terms and conditions whenever necessary.

22. The price agreed is based on a total of eight fee paying passengers with non paying guests if the party exceeds eight passengers

23. We wish it to be known that all our cars are NON-SMOKING cars.

24.   Eating is not permitted in any of our vehicles except coach
25. Complaints should be put forward within 24hrs of the journey
26. To Avoid FINES being imposed on our Chauffeurs we are unable to STOP on RED ROUTES, or DOUBLE YELLOW Lines.


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